Orientation Guide: Crappy dorm hacks


Jill Itzen/Iowa State Daily

Dorm life is a lifestyle for a majority of the students that attend Iowa State. Most students leave their doors open for other students to stop by and socialize. Iowa State has over twenty resident halls located on campus. 

Sierra Hoeger

Incoming freshmen are always told horror stories about living in dorms, whether it’s about a bad roommate or the communal bathrooms. While there’s no simple solution for either of those, there are simple ways to make your dorm room a more enjoyable space to live in.

If you self-identify as a shoe fanatic or need a pair of shoes to go with every outfit, you’re guaranteed to own more than five pairs. However, shoes easily create clutter in dorm rooms and take up more space than they should.

Implementing an over-the-door shoe organizer can help to clear up some space on the floor or in your wardrobe that can serve as a space for other items.

Another thing college students don’t mess around with is their food. From sneaking food out of the dining centers to owning hundreds of dollars worth of kitchen appliances in one designated area of their room, it’s no joke.

Owning above or below refrigerator storage increases the amount of space that can be used for plastic containers, cereal boxes, ramen packets and K-cups. Such storage can not only store food, but also a microwave, coffee-maker, toaster, silverware and dishes if needed.

Whether you choose to be minimalist with your dorm room decor, or leave little to no white space on the walls, command hooks are either your best friend or your worst nightmare. Sure, they’re a hassle on both move-in and move-out days, but throughout the year, you’ll be thankful to have them.

Placing command hooks on the insides of your wardrobe adds more space for items that might not hang well, such as a bathrobe. Baseball caps, scarves and jewelry can also be hung on command hooks.