GSB allocates $16,000 towards Memorial Union sign

Alissa Atkinson

The Government of the Student Body voted Wednesday to amend the senate bill Finishing the Memorial Union Electronic Sign, to allocate $16,000 to the project, rather than $20,000.

The bill passed by a vote of 24-2-0, allocating an additional $16,000 to the Union. The 2006-2007 GSB senate had previously allocated $30,000 to the project.

Senators had many positive things to say regarding the project.

“I think it is an awesome new service we can provide to student groups,” said Vice Speaker of the Senate Paul Keppy, senior in political science.

Engineering Senator Dan Finnegan, senior in aerospace engineering, agreed and said “this will be a great way to serve all students including student groups who aren’t funded by GSB.”

The cost estimate for the sign was revised to $120,000 as of Monday. With the $16,000 donation from GSB, the total funds collected available for project work is $121,401.72.

The sign will feature a billion color message screen display for student groups to advertise, free of charge.

GSB President Daniel Fischer, senior in agricultural business, addressed the senate with information regarding Monday’s Board of Regents Strategic Planning Session.

One discussion at the session was a tuition policy that would increase every student’s tuition by $2,000 per year, and use this increase to increase financial aid to students in need.

“I would certainly not support a $2,000 increase in tuition,” Fischer said.

Fischer encouraged the senate to draft and discuss a resolution opposing this proposal, so that the Board and university administration knows where the student body stands before the new plan is released.

In a vote of 26-0-0, the senate bill Funding for the Brazilian Portuguese Association passed, allocating $1,800 to the organization. The students plan to use the money for numerous events such as Carnaval, Feijoada and Brazilian Night, at which all ISU students are invited and encouraged to attend.

The Graduate and Professional Student Senate nominated Heath Schechinger, graduate student in educational leadership and policy studies, to be a GSB senator. Schechinger was seated on the senate with unanimous consent.