Crampton-Edwards sees GSB as exciting opportunity and wants it to be fun for others

Rebecca Carton

ISU students have the opportunity to vote for a ticket that represents fun and change.

Ryan Crampton, junior in political science, and Jeff Edwards, senior in finance, said the reason they want to run for Government of the Student Body president and vice president is their passion to serve and make the Government of the Student Body a fun organization for all students.

“We kind of feel that GSB has a great potential and it’s not being realized,” Crampton said.

Crampton and Edwards’ three-issue platform focuses on strengthening GSB as an organization while enhancing the college experience for all students.

“Being a senator on GSB for a year, I’ve realized that value and need for leadership in any organization,” Crampton said.

With this leadership, Crampton and Edwards have proposed a strategic plan that would keep GSB on track and allow the organization to have a “fun” atmosphere.

“[With the strategic plan], we aren’t sitting around saying what we are going to do next week,” Edwards said. “We are really going to change the culture of GSB. We want to make it a place where people have fun.”

Crampton and Edwards are also interested in making the lives of students better. They said their idea for a free back-to-school concert has been met with some criticisms, but they feel it is a feasible way to bring students together.

The concert, they said, would be funded by a variety of fundraisers and sponsorships.

“It’s really going to get people excited about being a Cyclone,” Edwards said.

Other issues Crampton and Edwards want to focus on are improving campus parking, WebMail and making GSB regular allocations process smoother by giving organizations past information about their budgets.

“We really want to make that process simpler,” Edwards said.

Crampton and Edwards said they plan on focusing on greater communication between the student body and the Senate.

“You’re not going to have a successful Senate unless the senators are connected,” Crampton said.

The two candidates said they would set up meetings with clubs and organizations to discuss student issues. They have also proposed developing Facebook pages and a weekly YouTube conference to address student concerns quickly instead of requiring students to come to weekly GSB meetings.

“I think it’s unfair to expect them to come to us,” Edwards said.