Rec renovation voting begins today

James Heggen

Students have the chance to cast their vote on the proposed rec renovations from today until Wednesday.

Mike Harvey, director of Recreation Services, said an e-mail was scheduled to be sent out at 12:01 a.m. Monday morning reminding students to vote.

Students can vote at for the next three days.

Harvey said, in addition to the vote, there will be an optional demographic information section in which students may provide information such as their gender, year in school, college, residency, and address. Students may also provide comments.

Harvey said it is important for students to vote because it will help determine how to proceed with the project.

“We want to know what students think,” he said.

Government of the Student Body president Brian Phillips, senior in political science, said this is the point in the process at which students can voice their opinions about the project, so it is important for students to vote.

Timothy Reineke, GSB senator and senior in political science, said it’s important for students to vote because they will be determining whether or not future generations will face an increase in student fees.

“That’s a pretty big responsibility,” he said. “Every student should take that very seriously.”

Harvey said it talk about how much weight the student referendum will have in how the project will move forward was “premature” without the results. He said it will be part of the “complete package,” along with the resolutions from GSB and the Graduate and Professional Senate, the needs assessment survey and continued talks with the university administration.

“Obviously, it’s very important to learn about the students,” he said.

Harvey said he didn’t have any predictions about voter turnout or in which direction student voters may be leaning.

“I hope that there’s a significant amount,” he said.

Phillips said the voting process does not take very long. GSB elections use the same method the referendum uses.

“It’s only about two minutes, if that,” he said.

Because of the publicity this issue has been receiving and based on how many people responded to the original needs assessment survey, Phillips said he thought there would be between 5,000 and 10,000 respondents.

“I’m guessing that the turnout is going to be quite high,” he said.

Reineke also said he thought there would be a large amount of voter participation.

Harvey encouraged students to learn more about the project and make an informed vote by going to the renovations Web site to contact him and his staff with any additional questions.