University representatives walk over campus for safety

Tim Miller

The Government of the Student Body, the Graduate and Professional Student Senate and the ISU Department of Public Safety hosted a safety walk Thursday evening.

Approximately 20 people gathered to walk around campus to search for potential safety hazards. Brian Phillips, president of GSB and senior in political science, organized the event and was there to help situate people into groups to start out.

After Phillips gave a quick speech on what to look for, each group went to their designated zones on campus.

“It’s like a scavenger hunt,” Phillips said. “Only productive.”

The groups were looking for slightly different things than in a traditional scavenger hunt.

“We were looking for burnt-out lights, road markings that needed to be painted, crosswalks that needed paint and uneven walkways,” Phillips said.

Phillips said the reason for the event was very simple.

“We were looking to improve the safety on campus in as direct a way as possible,” he said.

Phillips said this was too big of a job for Facilities Planning and Management.

“The positive side of doing this is it helps FP&M catch up,” Phillips said.

It’s difficult for FP&M to find all the places that are hazardous around campus, he said.

“[FP&M] relies on faculty, staff and students to point out things not working properly,” Phillips said.

DPS will compile all the forms each group filled out. An e-mail detailing what was wrong around campus will be sent to the people who participated, he said.

Phillips said the night could be considered a success, based on the turnout. He expected 20 to 25 people, but just fewer than 20 showed up. With the smaller turnout, the walks took a bit longer.

“Instead of finishing up in 45 minutes, groups finished in an hour to an hour and 15 minutes,” Phillips said.

Phillips walked with Dione Somerville, dean of students, around Frederiksen Court. The most hazardous part of Frederiksen Court was several lights above doors that had gone out.

The nice weather and absence of rain helped making the walk a good experience.

“I think it went really well,” Somerville said. “It was nice to see a good turnout across sections of the university.”

Somerville said she thought it was important that students organize the event and that safety around campus is significant.

“Sometimes students take their safety for granted,” Somerville said.