LETTER: Voter information is in ample supply

In his Oct. 23 letter, “Voter education is integral to elections,” Dan Burke wrote about the necessity of voter education in the election process and his disappointment in GSB and IRHA not focusing more on that topic.

The committee I chair spent a great deal of time discussing this issue, and we felt media sources were providing adequate information for those who wish to vote. The Iowa State Daily has had some top-notch coverage of the upcoming election, and the ISU Lectures Program has sponsored one candidate forum with talks going on now of another. Both of these, incidentally, are funded by GSB.

Outside sources have also provided information. The Ames Tribune has dedicated coverage of the election, and articles have also appeared in the Des Moines Register. The League of Women Voters is organizing a forum, and several neighborhood associations and other concerned groups have already had public meetings with the candidates. The candidates themselves have been visiting campus groups and house meetings.

The ISU Vote program made the decision not to focus on information because we want to maintain complete impartiality. We do understand it takes some dedication to familiarize oneself with all the facets of the election. I would hope students like Mr. Burke, who have clearly spent the time to learn about all the candidates, would share that knowledge with their peers.

Drew Miller


Computer Science