Golding gives last State of the Student Body Address

Steven Brittain

Government of the Student Body President Ben Golding spoke for the last time before the senate Wednesday night during his State of the Student Body Address.

Terms for the current executives – Golding and Vice President Lisa Dlouhy – will come to an official end when President-elect Andy Tofilon and Vice President-elect Charlie Johnson are inaugurated April 10.

Golding’s address focused on what he saw as the three main accomplishments of his term as GSB president – restructuring the teacher-evaluation process, passing the fare-free CyRide referendum and maintaining the Memorial Union as a student-run building.

The new proposal for teacher evaluations will include online summaries of teachers’ past evaluations, so students will have access to teacher information before they sign up for classes, Golding said. In addition, he said it was the hard work of the senate and cabinet that made the CyRide referendum possible.

“Everyone deserves a pat on the back for all the hard work they put in,” he said. “I want to thank our senators and our director of safety, traffic and transportation for putting forth the $9 increase to make this possible.”

The issue Golding said he and Dlouhy were the most passionate about when they came into office was the Memorial Union. Golding said the Union, the only student-run building on campus, needs to stay that way.

“We will this week, this Friday, open the door to accept $7.5 million for renovations,” he said. “The money will come from student fees, outside donations and other sources.”

GSB adviser Vernon Wall said this was a very successful year for the student government due mostly to the positive attitudes Golding and Dlouhy brought with them into office last spring.

“I believe that their strength was they really worked hard to understand what the students were thinking and what they wanted,” said Wall, associate dean of students. “That feeling completely carried over to the senate.”

To close the address, Golding asked Tofilon to come forward and read the mission statement created for GSB by Golding and Dlouhy.

“The Government of the Student Body exists because of and in service to the students of Iowa State University,” Tofilon read. “Through advocacy, support and listening to student concerns, we will continually strive to improve the Iowa State experience.”