Tofilon is new GSB president

Steven Brittain

Garnering more than 50 percent of the record-shattering vote tally, Andy Tofilon and Charlie Johnson will succeed Ben Golding and Lisa Dlouhy in the Government of the Student Body executive office.

Tofilon and Johnson were elected president and vice president, respectively, with 2,717 votes. A record 25 percent of the student body voted in the elections.

Tofilon, junior in journalism and mass communication, said he and Johnson, junior in political science, feel very confident about stepping into their executive roles.

“I’m very proud of the fact that the students of Iowa State picked us to fight for their concerns,” the president-elect said.

Johnson said he is pleased with the voter turnout.

“Sixty-three hundred votes is absolutely incredible,” he said. “I thank the students for the interest that they showed. I feel very humbled.”

Tofilon said the pair’s first priorities will be to set up a cabinet, meet with Golding and Dlouhy and write a letter to new ISU President Gregory Geoffrey requesting a time when they can discuss important issues.

Despite Tofilon and Johnson’s victory, other candidates for the executive seats said they will stay involved on campus and in GSB.

Presidential candidate Bing Howell, junior in management information systems, said he and his running mate, Zach Eakman, sophomore in psychology, will continue to look for ways to improve Iowa State.

“We’re going to find out where [Tofilon and Johnson] need us,” he said. “More importantly, we are going to find out where the university needs us. Wherever we can help out the university is where we want to be.”

The slate of Jeff Mayes, junior in animal science, and Stephanie Vinton, sophomore in agricultural business, said they thank the student body for the interest they showed in GSB this year, and they were pleased with the lessons the election process taught them.

“What we both have experienced has been a wonderful learning experience,” Mayes said. “Both Stephanie and I are very interested in staying involved in GSB and on campus.”

Eric Rowley/Iowa State Daily

Bing Howell, junior in management information systems, takes a moment for himself after the GSB announcements Thursday.