GSB will consider regular allocations

Steven Brittain

Government of the Student Body members will decide on the finalized budgets of over 120 student organizations tonight when the senate votes on the GSB Finance Committee’s regular allocation recommendations.

GSB officials said about $1.4 million will be allocated across the board to the 120 student groups. The groups slated to receive the most money are Student Legal Services at $175,157 and GSB at $140,311.

The finance committee also recommended large allocations to the Iowa State Daily at $89,000, the Performing Arts Council at $82,500, Ethos magazine at $52,500 and Off-Campus and Adult Student Services at $52,254.

GSB Finance Director Steve Medanic said there are three organizations that will have line items pulled and revised within their budgets during the senate meeting. The International Student Council figured a shuttle service into their budget, which would take international students back and forth to the Des Moines airport. However, this service will be removed from the council’s budget, because GSB will fund the same service through CyRide, Medanic said.

Alex Olson, vice chairman of the finance committee, said the line items under review for the other two organizations, which include the Black Student Alliance and GSB, are minor.

“For GSB’s budget, we figure in out-of-state tuition numbers for the scholarships that are given to the executives,” he said. “Being that both the president [Andy Tofilon] and vice president [Charlie Johnson] for this upcoming year are in-state students, we need to allocate that extra money elsewhere.”

There was also some confusion in the classification of the nature of the Black Student Alliance group, Olson said. According to the GSB Bylaws, there are two types of student organizations – general and categorical. General student groups are organizations that don’t target a specific group of people. Categorical groups are more focused as to what groups of students they want to participate in them, he said.

General groups don’t have to charge dues among their members, while categorical organizations almost always are required to collect dues. Medanic said the BSA has been declared to be a general organization, so dues they factored into their budget will instead be funded by GSB.

Olson said it is possible for senators to bring other groups’ budgets under review if they feel a certain group is receiving too much or too little money.

“There are always senators who feel strongly about certain organizations,” he said.