Finance Committe to start allocations

Steven Brittain

The ISU Government of the Student Body’s annual regular allocations process, in which upwards of $1.3 million will be distributed to 160 student organizations, will begin its series of mandatory meetings tonight.The series of three mandatory meetings will give student groups an opportunity to present their budgets to the GSB Finance Committee, said Alex Olson, vice chairman of the Finance Committee.”Student groups turn their budgets in to the finance committee,” he said. “We will, in turn, review the budgets and make our recommendations to the senate, who puts the issue to a vote.”GSB Finance Director Steve Medanic said the allocation process is a combined effort of the finance committee and the student senate.”Though the various groups will come to the finance committee to have their budgets reviewed, it will be the senate that votes on our recommendations in the form of senate bills,” Medanic said. “It will be my job as finance director to orchestrate the process.” The finance committee will spend four weekends reviewing the budgets for all of the organizations applying for GSB funds, which are generated from student fees. Medanic said examples of groups he expects to seek funds through the regular allocation process are GSB; the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Allies Alliance and all sports clubs, which apply under an umbrella budget.”Basically, any group that is not an academic club is encouraged to come in,” he said. “I’m hoping that between 140 and 150 student groups will come though.”Olson said the overall process usually runs smoothly. However, there are always a few complications along the way.”I am almost sure that there will be at least one organization that has differences with the committee,” he said. “There always are struggles.”Medanic said he doesn’t anticipate any problems right off the bat.”I don’t foresee any complications,” he said. “Then again, you can never predict problems.”