Letter to the editor: Bye-bye cherry pie

Jonathon Weaver

For all of the time I’ve been here, I have listened to the Veishea head dogs promise to get the residence halls more involved, make it a better celebration and make it worth having.

These promises have all gone unfulfilled. Don’t get me wrong, this is about more than the fact that one third of this university, students in residence halls, are purposely left out, and do not care about Veishea.

This is about more than the university infringing on our rights during Veishea weekend. We, as students, are unhappy with the way our money is spent. In years past, Veishea has received as much as $30,000 of student fees.

This year, GSB is giving them $14,000. It is our opinion that the students should not be paying this much for Veishea when most of them are driven off campus or leave town all together for Veishea weekend.

We feel this money would be better spent on any other groups who receive funding from GSB.

It is our opinion, that Veishea, with the Black-Eyed Pees and a couple cherry pies is no longer worth the money we are spending on it.

Ninety percent of Veishea’s funding comes from alumni, and it is apparent the Veishea central committee is well aware of this.

Our referendum will not kill Veishea, a student organization no one can put outs of its misery. Our referendum calls for an end to GSB funding for Veishea. Veishea will go on, but not at the expense of taking money from more worthy organizations.

This is why we are exercising our rights as outlined in the GSB Constitution to bring a Student Initiative on the matters we want addressed.

At the very least, don’t heckle us for taking advantage of our rights. All good things must come to an end sometime.

This is the time for Veishea. Goodbye Veishea. You won’t be missed.

Jonathon Weaver


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