GSB to discuss Duncan removal

Steven Brittan

The Government of the Student Body will vote tonight on a bill that would remove Paul Duncan from the senate finance committee due to his efforts to end GSB funding for Veishea.

Duncan’s proposed removal from the finance committee is due to a “conflict of interest,” according to the senate bill sponsored by Matt Ostanik, Inter-Fraternity Council.

Ostanik said that since Duncan has invested personal time in the anti-Veishea campaign, he cannot objectively consider GSB funding for Veishea as a part of the finance committee.

Alex Olson, vice chairman of the finance committee, said he is strongly against the proposed removal of Duncan. Olson, along with the other members of the finance committee, are taking steps to try to convince the senate not to remove Duncan. These efforts include a report that the committee issued to the senate concerning Duncan, Olson said.

“Everybody at the finance committee meeting voted for the report and everybody, with the exception of Paul Duncan, signed it,” said Olson, off campus.

GSB President Ben Golding said that this issue might actually call for the senate to conduct an executive session.

“Executive sessions are called to handle personnel issues, and topics in GSB that aren’t for the general public,” Golding said. “Any senator can move to go to executive session, and the senator that makes the motion gets to pick who they think should be present at the meeting.”