Letter to the editor: Iowa, you make me want to go home

Rachel Hafner

Never have I felt like such a city girl after reading the various opinions about the newly-formed BDSM group. Sure, Iowa’s a fun place to live, but sometimes it makes me want to go back to the city because of its discrimination. To push buttons in Iowa talk about African-Americans, gays, lesbians, BDSM or anything anti-farming. In the Daily’s opinion, “Student money is better spent funding clubs that educate and entertain the masses in ways that cannot be found at the local porno store, in the library or on the Internet.” With the Internet expanding at a greater rate than ever, I think it’d be very difficult to be unable to find your activity that “educates and entertains” you. In the photo survey, the majority clearly said that they do not think GSB should fund Cuffs. Students of Iowa State cannot pick and choose which clubs they want their money to go to. We had a similar debate last year about funding LGBTAA. Just because Cuffs is presenting something new doesn’t mean we all have to go back to our native Iowan beliefs and immediately condemn them for their interests. To all those who have never lived in a community larger than Ames, go and try to survive in Minneapolis, L.A., Atlanta, San Francisco or any other big city outside of Iowa. You’ll find you need to become more open-minded and accepting of other people’s beliefs and values to succeed in this world. Sam Engwall put it best when he said, “Grow up.” Rachel Hafner