Accomplish your goals with a personal trainer


Courtesy of EmirMemedovski

Iowa State’s Recreational Services offers personal trainers to students and other gym members.

Julia Meehan

Iowa State’s Recreational Services offer a unique approach to kick starting your goals by working out with personal trainers. Personal training is a convenient program to exercise one-on-one with personal trainers who are also Iowa State students.

“We take clients in, pushing them to become independent,” said Georgia Garrett, a senior in kinesiology and health. “It is a learning process on how to exercise appropriately and how to find different types of exercise they enjoy and will stick to.”

Recreational Services’ purpose with personal training is to set the bar solely based on the client. Trainers provide clients an opportunity to start at a comfortable skill level and gradually build to their desired goals.

“The environment we like to provide is individualizing workouts for any given client,” said Hailey Andersen, a senior in kinesiology and health. “The program is individualized to fit the goals and needs of the client’s preference by one-word individualized stands for our personal training program.”

There is a wide variety of sessions at different costs and at various time increments. Sessions are based off of the client’s availability and preference of 30 or 60 minutes long at the price of $15 to $18 per session.

“We offer the cheapest personal training that Ames has to offer,” Andersen said. “The personal trainer program is cost friendly for our clients.”

Clients have the option of group sessions with a choice of a friend or coworker with similar goals in mind to receive one-on-one training at a cheaper cost.

“It motivated me to go to the gym and increase the time I am at the gym,” said Kaiyue Zhang, a senior in industrial design. “Personal training proves better results.”

Madison Clark, a senior in kinesiology and health, mentioned biofeedback, a program many are not aware of, for those who may struggle with anxiety or may want to destress. Based off of your heart rate, there is a machine that gives feedback on different exercises, which calms your body and better understands your breathing.

“The different modalities we offer are strength and conditioning, powerlifting, post physical therapy and weight loss,” Andersen said.

During each session, the workouts focus on the desires of the clients. The options vary from cardio, flexibility, strength, resistance and so much more. The trainers focus on the ambience of the gym. In other words, get to know the gym better and learn about unfamiliar equipment. The workouts are up to the clients with the advice from their trainers.

“Come in with an open mind, along with a few goals you would like to achieve,” Andersen said. “The dedication to the program and goals will show results in the end.”

The personal trainers for Recreational Services have a background in the field of kinesiology or health. There is a semester-long training on showing you the ropes to be a personal trainer. Then trainers work to achieve a required certification by Recreational Services in order to become a personal trainer.

“I have been a trainer for a year at Iowa State,” Garrett said. “I have gained knowledge through a certification by American Council Exercise, along with personal training and weightlifting level one coach.”

Depending on clients’ goals and aspirations the training process could be short-term or long-term. It is all up to the client on the length of training, as long as the client gets to the stage where they can continue to do it on their own.

“I have had my trainer for a year and half now and after a while I learned how to use the different types of muscles I have,” Zhang said.

For more information about packages, prices and other services check out their website. To apply for a personal trainer, head to their website to fill out an application.

“We have had a lot of returning clients,” said Andersen. “It speaks very highly for us when clients reach back out to their past trainers.”