Vote Welk/Ladlie


To the editor:

We are writing in support of Matt Welk and Kara Ladlie for GSB president and vice president. We have worked with Matt and Kara and know they will be strong leaders. Matt and Kara will give fair representation to all students, including the Greek system and minority groups.

They are eager to involve everyone with GSB so they can give all students the voice they deserve from their president and vice president.

Matt and Kara would open communication with students by creating new cabinet positions representing specific campus groups.

They support the proposed intercultural center, which would enhance cultural understanding among all students.

Matt and Kara will bring much-needed new perspectives to GSB. We encourage you to vote for them in the upcoming elections on Feb. 28 and 29 and March 1.

Shelley Smith


Animal science and pre-veterinary

Kevin Velasquez



Rebecca Miller


Liberal arts and science