Again, vote Cordaro/Olson


To the editor:

The GSB elections are upon us, and the victorious executive slate will be responsible for ISU students and their rights in the upcoming academic year. We, as students, will want to elect the candidates best able to represent our wants and needs to the administration and beyond. We want someone with a clear plan.

Those candidates are Rick Cordaro and Alex Olson; their experience speaks for itself.

Rick has vast experience with representing students of this university in his many different roles — GSB Senator for the UDA, Chair of the External Research and Comparison Sub-committee for the GSB/IRHA Committee, Chair of the Fee Adjustment Sub-committee for the Computer Advisory Committee and Vice President of the Honors Student Board to name a few.

Alex has eight years of Parliamentary Procedure experience — including teaching classes in its implementation.

He is Speaker of the GSB Senate and is in his second term as a GSB Senator for the Off Campus Government, Chair for the GSB/IRHA Committee and Chair of the GSB Rules Committee.

They have clear goals for helping the students throughout this next year. Cordaro and Olson want to improve communication by producing a weekly newsletter and making sure the GSB Web site is kept up-to-date throughout the year (their campaign Web site,, already has more information on it than the GSB Web site).

They want to make sure all of the GSB committees, which are an excellent chance for the students to get involved and actually work with administrators to solve problems, are filled.

Rick and Alex want to increase cooperation by adding the positions of Student Activities Director and Director of Multicultural Affairs to the GSB cabinet.

The most important question to ask yourself before you vote is “Who do we want to represent us?”

We want someone who has actual plans, not just ideas. We want candidates who are honest and trustworthy. After working with Rick and Alex, we want them working for us.

Erin Link



UDA President

Nathan Ohrt


Environmental science

RCA President

Bill Wychulis



TRA President

Jeff Greiner



IRHA Vice President

Charles Johnson


Political science

GSB Senator

Chris Wisher



Vice-speaker of GSB

Tim Nordin



UDA Vice President