GSB ready to vote on Veishea resolutions

Wendy Weiskircher

Two resolutions concerning the reaffirmation of the Veishea pledge will be discussed and voted on by the Government of the Student Body at its meeting tonight.

Both resolutions reaffirm the Veishea pledge, which calls for a “safe and alcohol-free” Veishea weekend. The pledge was adopted for the 1998 Veishea celebration and reaffirmed last spring in response to alcohol-related violence during previous Veishea weekends.

“I think the majority right now is in favor of a dry Veishea,” said Deana Towers, off campus.

While both resolutions support the pledge, the second resolution contains an additional resolve clause that expresses GSB’s objection to the way the administration has issued an ultimatum regarding the future of Veishea.

“The continuation of Veishea is contingent on the approval of the GSB and other campus organizations,” according to the resolution.

A vote to determine the fate of the resolutions is expected at this week’s GSB meeting, said GSB President Matt Craft. Craft said he expects one or neither resolution to pass, but he doubts both will be approved.

Both resolutions were postponed at last week’s meeting, allowing the senators an additional week to get opinions from their constituents.

Off-campus senators sent e-mail to every off-campus student, seeking insight on the issue of alcohol at Veishea.

“We’ve received quite a few responses, and I’m happy about that,” said Alex Olson, off campus. “We gave the students three options. For the most part, quite a few students have said they wanted to save the tradition.”

There also was a considerable group that wanted to see the end of the Veishea tradition, Olson said.

“Personally, I got the feeling that it matters one way or the other to most of the people,” he said. “A lot of people care.”

Luke DeKoster, RCA and the author of the second resolution, said he hopes Wednesday night’s debate will center “around the issue of administration conduct and action towards students and students’ rights of giving input into Veishea policies, and not around alcohol.”

DeKoster said he’s heard support for his bill, but he would not wager a guess about which way the senate will lean.

“You can’t ever tell until it gets to the floor,” he said. “I do know there are a lot of people who are unhappy with the administration, and I don’t know if they will vote for my resolution or against both resolutions.”

A large audience is expected for Wednesday’s meeting, which may include ISU President Martin Jischke, Craft said.

“It is going to be an interesting meeting,” Olson said.

GSB will meet tonight at 7 in the Campanile Room of the Memorial Union. The following bills will be discussed:

New Business

  • A bill to change the rules on office hours for GSB senators. By Borre, Skutnik and others.
  • A bill to allocate $4,060.67 from the Special Projects Fund to the ISU lacrosse team for the purchase of updated uniform equipment. By Wisher, Edmiston and others.
  • A bill to allocate $1,000 to the Asian Pacific American Awareness Coalition to help fund an Asian-American awareness concert for Iowa State and surrounding communities. By Patel and Bell.
  • A bill to allocate $800 to re-establish the Rifle and Pistol Club for the 1999-2000 academic year. By Gruman, Weaver and others.
  • A bill to allocate $1,000 to the GSB Senate/IRHA Special Committee on the Department of Residence. By Weaver, Cordaro and others.
  • A bill to allocate $206 to the Russian Speaking Students Association to cover the cost of food for an upcoming cultural event. By Edmiston and Chandrupatla.
  • A resolution for GSB to establish a committee to endorse selected recommendations from the 1998-1999 Catt Hall Review Committee’s final report. By Mosby and Weaver.