Candidates down to few fingernails

Tracy Deutmeyer

It’s not over yet.

Government of the Student Body candidates say this part — the waiting — may be worse than weeks of campaigning.

“I can’t wait,” said Amber Powell, a junior in dietetics and a vice-presidential candidate. Powell is running with Todd Swanson, a junior in accounting and finance.

With three days of elections this year, executive candidates said they are getting a little less sleep as last-minute election tasks and homework pile up.

Current GSB vice president, Carolyn Jones, a junior in journalism and mass communication, said she is glad she ran last year when there was just one day of elections.

“I liked when there was just one big day of elections — do some major campaigning and get it all over with,” she said.

Jones said three days in a row may be tiresome, but she said she’s also excited to hear the results.

Some candidates say three days is just too much.

“It’s not real fun. It would be easier for us if it was one day, but it’s nicer that more people get to get out and vote,” said Rob Wiese, a senior in agricultural studies who is running for president. “It’s worth it, because this is an important job, and we will do the best job,” Wiese said.

Rory Flaherty, a junior in construction engineering, said three days of voting has overwhelmed him. He said it’s tough to keep track of the voting process and his tests at the same time.

“I have three exams, and they are all crucial to my final grade,” he said.

But Ryan Flaugh, election commissioner, said so far he’s pleased with the three-day plan. He didn’t know if he would feel the same by the end of today.

Rob Ruminski, a sophomore in history who is running for vice president with LaRhonda Potts, a senior in business, said he’s taking the election in stride.

“Yeah it’s a busy week, but it just means later nights,” Ruminski said.

Election results will be announced tonight at 6:00 in the Cardinal Room of the Memorial Union.