Cause of death for Iowa State student determined


Amber Mohmand

Apartment 425 Welch Ave is located in Campustown of Ames.

Officials found the cause of death for Emma Timmer, an Iowa State student who was found dead in August, to be blunt force injury. Timmer studied in the College of Design, majoring in architecture-professional degree.

“Although we may never know exactly how Emma ended up on the balcony below her own, the injuries do appear to be consistent with a fall from the upper balcony,” Ames Police Cmdr. Dan Walter said in an email statement to media.

The cause of death was confirmed to be “blunt force injury of torso,” but the manner of death is undetermined, Walter said in the statement.

Timmer, who was 20, was found on Aug. 10 at 425 Welch Ave in apartment 203. She was a resident in the building at apartment 303.

After receiving the autopsy report and toxicology results from the Iowa State Medical Examiner, the Ames Police confirmed the cause of death.

This evidence affirms the police’s belief there was no foul play involved, according to the statement.

“We have not discovered any evidence that would suggest criminal activity had anything to do with her death,” Walter said.

This case is considered closed and will no longer be active unless new evidence is found.