Cyclone gymnastics brace for a double meet weekend


Daniel Jacobi II

Head coach Jay Ronayne watches Lauren Thomas finish her bars routine during the meet against Eastern Michigan and UC Davis in Hilton Coliseum on Jan. 20, 2023.

Iowa State gymnastics continues its season on the road. Within this trip, the Cyclones will face No.1 Oklahoma and later on Sunday they will perform at Texas Woman’s University.

To recap, the Cyclones had their first away meet this past Sunday against West Virginia, Eastern Michigan and Towson. During this encounter, the Cyclones started on bars, where they also faced a lot of challenges. However, they recovered and finished the competition in third place with a total score of 195.825.

“It’s like football or any other sport when you are down by some points, it feels like you’re digging yourself a hole and all you can do is to figure out a way to get out of it,” head coach Jay Ronayne said.

It is an embracing stance when unpredictable mistakes happen, and the key to surviving through the storm is to continue moving forward and trusting their work.

“At the end of every meet, it can be anyone’s game, it’s all in the landings and the details,” Ronayne said.

Coming into a double meet weekend, the Cyclones are once again faced with a challenge: only two days of practice.

Tunnel vision will come to play this weekend more than ever. The focus will be centered on a “meet mindset” due to the fact most of their time will be spent traveling rather than training. It will be crucial for the Cyclones to keep their goals in front of them in order to put on a good fight.

“The nerves will be there, but they know that they are capable of overcoming them,” Ronayne said.

Overall, the team is full of prospects who are on their way to solidifying the bar lineup, which is where the Cyclones have struggled the most thus far. Looking forward to peaking at the right time, Maya Ford, Emma Ricks and Natalie Horowitz are significant pieces in this puzzle.

The Cyclones await their first competition with the Sooners at 6:45 p.m. Friday in Norman, Oklahoma. The meet will be streamed live on ESPN+.

They will then travel to Denton, Texas, to compete against Texas Woman’s University at 2 p.m. Sunday.