Three ISU fraternity members arrested for allegedly extorting someone for sex


Trigger Warning: This article contains mentions and descriptions of sexual assault and violence.

Editor’s Note: This article previously contained descriptions of sexual violence that have been removed due to the graphic and extreme nature of them.

Three Iowa State FarmHouse fraternity members were charged with extortion, second degree harassment and assault in which the victim claims they were threatened to be shot with an airsoft gun if they did not commit a sex act on another member.

According to court documents, on Jan. 31 in the Farmhouse Fraternity at 311 Ash Ave, Grant Kuehnast allegedly threatened to shoot another resident of the fraternity if he did not commit the sex act on Colton Moore while Tyler Ekstrom was standing near the door.

The victim said Kuehnast was slowly counting down from five telling the victim if he did not sexually assault Moore he would shoot him in the face and groin with an airsoft gun, according to court documents. When the countdown finished Kuehnast allegedly began firing the gun but the documents do not state if the victim was hit.

In a statement from the Story County Clerk of District Court, the fraternity said it is aware of the situation and has placed the three charged on inactive status pending the outcome of the police investigation and legal process.

“FarmHouse has zero tolerance for assault or any conduct that violates a state and/or local law,” according to a statement from the FarmHouse Facebook page. “The chapter will continue to fully comply with law enforcement through the investigation and any subsequent legal proceedings.”