Move-in week: Freshmen’s first impressions

Jill O'Brien

With move-in week over and freshmen settling into dorm life for the first time, first impressions tend to be made as soon as they walk through the door. Here are some of the first impressions freshmen had of their Cyclone homes during move-in week. 

“I was surprised at the amount of pre-existing damage on the walls, but was excited about the amount of space it looked like we had. My roommate and I took very careful attention when filling out our inspection sheets.” -Mariah Johannsen, advertising major living in Eaton Hall. 

“Honestly, it was nice! I was surprised.” -Brant Phillips, finance major living in Larch Hall. 

“It looked like Hogwarts a little bit.” -Jennifer Lelek, music major living in Friley Hall. 

You can find photos from this year’s move in days here. 

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