Shamrock Shape Up

Amanda Wymore

Do all of these exercises 3 times for 17 reps.

Irish Jig

To get ready to go for the gold, start by running in place for one minute. If you’re really in the mood, feel free to add some fun dance moves to your cardio warm up. 

Leaping Leprechauns

To increase mobility, begin in a squat position, keeping feet shoulder width apart and making sure the knees don’t pass the toes, and hop to the left, planting your feet in the same position. Perform another squat, and hop back to the right.

Blarney Stone Jump

This will be a lateral jump burpee. To perform this, do a standard burpee by going to the floor and doing a push up, and when standing back up, jump in the air as high as possible. After that, hop to the left. Perform another burpee, and hop back to the right. That is two reps.

Climbing for the Gold

Begin by doing mountain climbers. Begin in a push up position and bring one knee up to the chest. Continue to alternate knees. If you’re feeling ambitious and wanting the gold, try it one-handed.

Pot of Gold

You’ve made it to the gold. Celebrate by doing bicep curls with the gold (or a textbook) as your weight.

Always remember to stretch and drink plenty of water after your workout.