Pakistan Student Association brings cricket to Iowa Sate

Lesly Espinoza

Cricket is an international bat-to-ball sport that isn’t very popular in the United States.

“Americans grow up watching or playing football,” said Raahym Rasul, freshman in pre-business and public relations officer for the Pakistan Student Association (PSA). “In that same way, we Pakistanis were born to watch and play cricket.”

On Sunday morning, the PSA will be hosting a live stream of the second annual Men’s Cricket League, which will be broadcasting from Dubai. The stream will take place in Carver 101. It will start at 10 a.m.

The PSA is a student organization that seeks to connect Pakistani students with Iowa State’s faculty, staff and community of domestic students. The student organization hosts monthly meetings discussing and strategizing new events for the community to enjoy.

Rasul is originally from Islamabad, Pakistan. He moved to Ames right after graduating from high school.

“You are sitting at home and your friends call you and ask what do you wish to do tonight,” Rasul said, “and your answer is let’s play cricket! We were born to play cricket.”

Cricket is a game that consists of two teams, 11 players on each team. Teams take turns bowling, or pitching and batting. A bowler has fieldsman to help, while the batsman tries to defend its team’s wicket with a score by connecting the bat with the ball.

Cricket is England’s national summer sport. However, the game is played in many other countries, including Pakistan, on a professional level. According to Rasul, the five major teams participating this weekend will be representing cities in Pakistan. The teams will play each other twice, and the top four will advance to the playoffs.

Rasul said the PSA is eager to introduce cricket to the Iowa State community. All students are invited to Sunday’s live stream.

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Pakistan Student Association will be live streaming cricket match hosted by Pakistan Super Leagues in Dubai here on campus.  


Pakistan Student Association live stream cricket match hosted in Dubai on campus.