Dressing for a Career Fair: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Richard Martinez/Iowa State Daily

Hundreds of students gathered at the Scheman Building to meet potential employers at the Engineering Career Fair on Tuesday. ISU students were able to connect with representatives from national and local businesses like John Deere and DuPont.

Madison Pincombe

For Liberal Arts and Sciences

Taren Crow, director of Career Services for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, recommends that students dress business casual to business professional.

According to Crow this means, “Dress pants, business skirts that are long enough and not tight fitting, button down shirts, suit jackets or blazers and clean dress shoes.” Additionally, one should dress in conservative colors, including grays, blacks and blues.

Shoes that are professional but also practical for walking around a career fair are a must have.

Crow also emphasizes “trendy does not mean professional.”

Looking nice or good doesn’t necessarily translate into looking professional. 

“You almost want to be dressed so they don’t notice what you’re wearing,” Crow said. “You want them to listen to what you have to say… If you walk away and they remember what you’re wearing, it’s probably not good.”

Usually, Career Services receives a lot of positive feedback about students knowing how to dress appropriately.

“I always encourage students to come in and talk to us if they don’t know what to wear or if they are having any trouble getting their hands on clothing that is appropriate,” Crow said.

Crow also says that she is open to students emailing her or the Career Services pictures of outfits for a career fair to get their input.