Spring Break trends

Brittany Moon

Depending on where one might be traveling to for a Spring Break getaway, the trends that you might see could differ from someone else. As far as fashion is concerned, a few trends will be noticeable all over.

When packing for a weeklong getaway, in a tropical location or elsewhere, it can be difficult narrowing down the select items you should pack. A few trends that have been popping up will work no matter where you spend Spring Break.

The first trend that has been showing up recently and will even more so during the spring is the cold shoulder top. Whether it’s a long- or short-sleeved top, one with shoulder cutouts can be a great way to show a little skin but continue to look fashion forward. A similar trend that is more applicable to the spring months is the off-the-shoulder top. These blouses tend to be made of structured but flowing fabrics. They tend to include ruffles near the top, across the shoulders and tend to be shorter but not necessarily a crop top.

The next trend that will soon gain momentum and has a bit already are sheer and mesh pieces. This would include cutouts with mesh insets, a sheer top as a swim cover-up or over the top of a tank top. These billowy fabrics will be popular during spring and summer time because of the breathability of the fabrics. These cutouts and insets will be seen in swimwear as well as tops, yoga pants and bralettes. 

Swimwear is always an important aspect of a tropical Spring Break trip. This season is all about the high neck tops and one pieces. Although one-piece swimsuits have been considered maternal for many years now, a modern twist has brought them back to the light of day. The newer styles to keep an eye out for will include cutouts, open backs, strappy backs, very high-cut leg openings and graphic fronts.

These graphic pieces of swimwear will include a single term or phrase that will help you stand out. Some popular phrases across a variety of websites are Bae-watch, Amuse and Ibeza. Cleavage-bearing swimwear is getting a run for its money this season with high-neck and open-back tops. Some of the most popular options include bold patterns as well as some made of neoprene, which is worn by surfers. 

The third trend is a twist on an old favorite: the oxford shirt. A classic silhouette that has stood the test of time will now be altered to fit into the closets of more consumers. Whether it has cutouts up and down the arms, is sleeveless and cropped or turned into an oversized pullover with a menswear feel, options will be available for everyone.

The final trend, which is one of the biggest and most widely accessible, is the combination of gypsy, bohemian silhouettes and a 1970s vibe. We will start seeing flared jeans, bold floral prints, choppy bangs and over-sized flowing maxi dresses, lace up gladiator sandals and lace insets all over the place. Vintage pieces are also coming back into play with the 1970s trend returning. 

Keeping these key pieces and trends in mind when shopping and packing for Spring Break will ensure that you are on trend during vacation. The pieces are incredibly simple to mix and match, giving you the maximum amount of outfit options during break.