Men’s products maintain beauty, health


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Growing a healthy and lengthy beard can be beneficial in many ways.

Brittany Moon

Although many men are not thorough with their beauty and health routine, many products are readily available as basic staples to maintain a handsome balance of the outward appearance.

The first item most men should use on their body is an exfoliator. A simple body scrub can help clean the skin after a workout as well as assist with problem areas that have dry skin, such as the heels of the feet.

Two drugstore brands that are available for use are St. Ives, which is available in an oatmeal or apricot scent, and Bath and Body Works. Bath and Body Works tends to be well-known for its women’s products, but its men’s products are scented well and have been popular among men.

Another item men should be using is a moisturizer. Many men do not like to moisturize because it appears feminine and the feeling of the skin after it is applied is not ideal. Look for a quick drying moisturizer that can be used on the body and face.

A final item most men use but might not use the correct style of product is a hair product.

Numerous different hair styling products are available, but the best ones are those that style your hair without a sticky leftover residue.

It is also ideal that they do not make your hair feel too crunchy or “overstyled.” American Crew achieves both goals for a moderate price.

Other hair products that have been becoming available for men are beard related. These products, along with specialized cleansers and exfoliators, work wonders for a beard.

They clean more effectively among the longer, coarser hairs and help soften the hairs to the touch. The majority of these products are available online, so search for beard-grooming supplies.

Men have not often taken control of their beauty routine, so try a new product or two to see if it changes the way your skin and hair feels and looks.