Re-decorating for spring

Carlie Howard

Although it seems as though Iowa State is stuck in the middle of winter, spring is quickly approaching. As students settle into the spring semester, it is a perfect time to prepare to revamp their dorm and apartment decor. Additionally, a persons color choices can affect their mood and productivity.Many of these changes are quick and easy and will help students have a positive semester.

Green—This hue is the most pleasant for the human eye to see and often is associated with nature. Green is a wonderful color for students who are looking at their computer for an extended period of time. Plants are a great decoration that can add a splash of green and nature to a person’s room. Furthermore, green has been found to improve efficiency and focus in a workplace setting.

Blue—Along with green, blue has been proven to help efficiency in the work place. Blue is often associated with blue skies or water and has a calming effect. This is caused by an evolutionary instinct that makes you believe that there is no storm to come.

Red—Although it is the color of love, it is so associated with a feeling of urgency, elevated heart rate, and high energy levels. This hue can case anxiety and high stress while studying. Therefore, students should try and stay away from red especially in areas where they are frequently working.

Yellow—Yellow is an excellent hue choice that can cause cheerful positive and friendly feelings. This mellowing color is a stellar choice for students with creative majors. The color is believed to trigger innovation and commonly used in the workplace of artists, writers, designers and other creative professionals.

Grey and other neutrals—If possible steer clear of these hues in dorm rooms and apartments. These bland tones have adverse effects on many people. For example grey encourages individuals to be passive and have a lack of energy. A study performed by the University of Texas suggest that bland office spaces can induce feels of depression and sadness especially in women. If a students dorm or apartment is these tones, it a good idea accessorize with pops of color.

During this spring semester, students can give themselves an extra boost by using the colors discussed above. Add a slash of color to an apartment or dorm to make it an excellent and productive spring.