New York Fashion Week 2016 recap

Anna Chandler

The lights have dimmed, the after parties are over and design teams in New York are finally getting some much needed R&R. This pandemonium is crazy, risking a year’s worth of work to make your brand stand out during one precious week in February.

These eight days hold a major key to what people will be influenced by throughout the year.

Before fashion crowds head to Europe to continue fashion month, here’s what seems to be emerging as the predominant trends for fall 2016: 

It looks like street style is here to stay. From the gothic looks at Marc Jacobs to marijuana motifs at Alexander Wang, the theme seemed to be consistent: “it’s good to be bad.”

Dark colors maintained representation on the runways. Andrea Morales, junior in apparel, merchandising and design, had the opportunity to volunteer at a few of the shows.

“There was definitely a darker undertone in terms of colors for this season,” said Andrea Morales, junior in apparel, merchandising and design who had the opportunity to volunteer at a few shows. “I saw a lot of maroon, reds, navy blues and black.

Black continued to be a prominent color through its statement glow, as it has in the past.

The fall season is typically known for its durable fabrics and strong tones. 2016 is no disappointment. Oversized coats, fringe and elements of lines embossed the exhibitions. Although all of the designers hold their own personality, and shows don’t replicate one another, trends are encompassed in each brand.

“It made shows even more enjoyable to reflect back and understand where the trends for fall/winter were originating,” Morales said. 

But that wasn’t all of it. Celebrities made their mark at New York Fashion Week on a new level this season. Rihanna teamed up with shoe designer Puma to offer a clothing collection of sportswear that most of us won’t be able to afford unfortunately.  

Another celebrity who seems to never leave the spotlight also got his point across. Kanye West presented his collection at Madison Square Garden, where he hired more than 1,200 models to play a part in the exhibition of Yeezy Season 3. But it didn’t come as a surprise when there was more to the show. West also released his latest album, “The Life of Pablo.” The massive presentation lasted a mere three hours, and that was only Day 2 of New York Fashion Week.  

Even with celebrities buzzing every turn we made, fashion week was yet another success. Technological advances have allowed a few companies including Rebecca Minkoff, Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger to make their collections available immediately.

It’s all a part of that “see now, buy now” tactic that most of us fashionista’ see ourselves habiting. Iowa State can expect to see these trends translate onto campus through the convenience of fast fashion retailers.  In fact, many have probably already begun production of “copy cat” pieces.

The key to carrying out these looks is possessing the trend as a focal point to the ensemble while keeping the remainder relatively basic. If students are willing to have fun and express their personal style, there is undoubtedly room for fashion week trends to be transferred onto campus.