10 best photo shoot spots in Ames


brookside park.png

Carlie Howard

1. Beardshear Hall — This building is a gorgeous location for formal photos. The lines of the stairs create rhythm. Also, the four columns add a sense of height. This sophisticated spot can make any photo shoot a success.

2. Textured brick walls in Campustown — right off of campus, Campustown is full of unique photo shoot locations. Edgy clothing will pop when paired with worn, textured brick walls.

Many professionals take senior pictures with rustic, coarse backgrounds like these. Additionally, there are many side stairs leading to second floors, which is an excellent place to pose like a model.

3. Downtown — Ames’ historic downtown is a perfect place to snap a couple of cute pictures. Main Street has a traditional feel with a fun, bright atmosphere.

4. Ada Hayden Park — Ada Hayden Park is a beautiful nature location. It is located on North Grand Avenue just up from North Grand Mall. The park is full of natural grasses, pathways and has a beautiful lake. This is a perfect location for someone looking for a nature-inspired shoot.

5. Campanile — The Campanile is a classic symbol of Iowa State. But when looked at in a new perspective, the structure has gorgeous, curved architecture that is perfect for framing. The tower creates a window that will draw the eye to those posing.

6. Reiman Gardens — This is a stunning area located near Jack Trice Stadium. The facility is free for all students. It has gorgeous trails and plant life outside and an attractive inside that is used for many ISU formal events.

7. Catt Hall — This building is full of tradition and history, which will surely add character to photographs. Additionally, Catt hall is also nestled into the heart of Iowa State’s campus and is surrounded by a surplus of greenery.

8. Brookside Park — This location is nearby campus on 6th Street. Brookside Park is an especially popular location during the fall season while the leaves on the surplus of trees are changing.

9. Curtiss Hall — Curtiss Hall is another great on-campus location. The many stairs will create lines in the photograph in addition to the building’s historic charm. This location will give photos a classic ISU feel.

10. Railroad tracks by Freddy Court — Lastly, railroad tracts are a classic photo shoot location. The leading lines pleasingly move the human eye. Furthermore, these tracks create tunnels with sidewalks underneath that are another fun asset that could add to photos.