Chinese Students Scholars Association hosts annual spring festival gala

Mathew Evans

One international student organization will bring a piece of home to campus this weekend to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

The Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) will host its annual Spring Festival Gala at 6:30 p.m. Sunday in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union.

The Gala will host a projected more than 500 guests as they celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, which will take place Monday.

The Spring Festival Gala is the CSSA’s most cultural and important event it will host this year, at least to the students who participate.

“I think preserving the holiday is very important to maintain and spread the Chinese Culture,” said Xue Bai, junior in industrial engineering and co-vice president of the CSSA.

To bring in the new year, the CSSA has arranged 13 acts that will entertain guests as they get closer to the new year.

“We will have song and traditional comedy, along with Dub H and traditional dances,” said Ye Zhao, senior in child adult and family services and co-vice president of the CSSA.

The Chinese New Year is important Chinese tradition that is celebrated at the changing of the Chinese lunar calendar. This time has become known as the Spring Festival and is a time for Chinese families to get together and celebrate.

”It’s like the Super Bowl, it’s a time for reunion and celebration,” Zhao said.

This year, the CSSA will try something new that will help spread the Chinese culture, Zhao said.

“This year, we are trying to have more diversity,” Zhao said. “We are trying to bring different cultures together to celebrate the Chinese new year. Together it would be a great opportunity for American students to learn and understand the Chinese culture.”