The French Girl

Brittany Moon

Personal style can come from a variety of influencers and can be impacted by different realms of a person’s life. For some, this may include friends of theirs, celebrities, or internet sensations. Another way fashion-conscious people can evolve in their style can be by imitating or focusing on a single culture or area of the world for inspiration. A concept in the front of many fashion savvy minds is the French Girl.

Who is the French Girl? Why is she of such importance to so many fashionable citizens? There are many answers to these questions, the first being fascination. Women in the western hemisphere are intrigued by the French Woman because of her ability to act so different compared to western fashion ideals. The French Girl has a style so effortless, it rarely seems as though she is trying, all while still looking like she’s worth a million bucks. 

The outfits pieced together by the French Girl can be described by fashionable westerners as minimal, or simple. 

And yet, it is not how they piece together outfits so effortlessly or how expensive they seem, it is their behavior. Even someone who has not been to France, let alone Europe, can basically differentiate between a westernized woman and the French Girl.

French fashion has, and will continue to be mimicked and idolized for years to come. As long as western women have the differences from French women, the ideals will continue to be there and the attempt to become one of the French Girls will never cease. 

If one were interested in becoming more like the French Girl, there are a few steps to get on the right track. Obtaining a minimal closet is key. Having classic pieces in, generally, neutral colors will assist in clothing combinations. Another aspect to focus on is jewelry. Having a few dainty pieces and one or tow fancy pieces that might be a bit more ornate can help to balance the minimal clothing.

Exuding self confidence with the ability to dress in a simplified manner will assist any western woman in attempting to become more like the French Girl.