Style tips for the first ISU football game


Charlie Coffey/Iowa State Daily

Students wear shirts representing athletes from Iowa State University on game days.

Brittany Moon

The first football gameday is almost upon us, and students need to dress appropriately for a day in the heat and humidity while sitting on hot metal bleachers or playing ladder golf and bags at a tailgate.

The first thing anyone should do is to check the weather forecast. This can help determine what to wear and what type of clothing that will be appropriate for gameday. If there is a chance of rain, closed-toe shoes are always a better option to keep feet dry and clean. A jacket of some sort can be helpful as well.

If the weather forecast shows nothing but sunshine and heat, shorts and tanks will be much more comfortable for sitting — or standing — during a football game. Both men and women should also consider an open-toe pair of shoes for a game with a warmer forecast. Sandals along with flip flops are popular during these times.

There are a few things that every student should always remember to bring with them to a game, one of which would be their student ID. In order to enter into the football game itself, the student ID needs to be scanned for ticketing purposes. 

Another item each student should remember that most would never forget is a fully charged cell phone. In most cases, no college student would leave their apartment or dorm without their cell phone, but always make sure to have it fully charged in case you are separated from friends. 

In order to take pictures worthy of a scrapbook or appropriately share your love for ISU athletics, consider some of the following accessories to prepare yourself for game day.


Temporary tattoos have been a big trend for a while, whether they are of Cy or an ISU logo. If students are already draped in spirit gear from head to toe, temporary tatoos can fill up the blank space on the apple of a cheek or upper arm. They can be applied with warm water and removed with water and soap. 

ISU cutoffs

Cutoff tees and tanks are also a very popular trend on college gameday.

Women can reuse an old T-shirt as a tank top with the bottom cut off as fringe or cut as a crop top. The Internet is full of do-it-yourself projects for tank tops with braided or entwined straps made out of an old T-shirt. Another popular DIY cutoff for women is to purchase an oversized men’s shirt and transform it into a tube dress by removing the sleeves, neck hem and belting.

Men can also follow this inexpensive trend with sleeveless cutoff T-shirts that keep them cooler in the sun. 


Supportive shoes are essential for football games, whether you’re a man or woman. Even if students don’t have a long walk to the stadium, they will still be standing often throughout the day while in the stands or tailgating. Fatigue sets in much faster without supportive shoes. ISU-themed sneakers, or plain red or yellow sneakers, can add another layer of festivity to your outfit. 


The first few games are going to be in the heat. Headbands keep hair off your face, helping you stay cool. Students can buy headbands from a store or make their own using red and yellow strips of fabric braided together. 

Men and women can also use ISU sweatbands to catch perspiration while sitting on hot metal bleachers.