The hunt for inexpensive ISU apparel


Sam Greene/Iowa State Daily

There was a large turnout of fans for the ISU spring football game on Saturday.

Lauren Lee

College students are known for finding the good deals, the cheap prices and the cool clothes, but finding great Iowa State fan apparel for reasonable prices could be challenging.

While the Iowa State Bookstore has a large selection of clothing and accessories available for their fans, the prices could be daunting to students on tight budgets. Iowa State apparel can be found at a variety of other locations, both local and online, for cheaper.

“I bought some clothes that I gave to my parents when I got home, like t-shirts and stuff if it’s on sale, but usually I don’t buy from there,” said Zhiyi Sun, a senior in dietetics.

There are several local shops in the Ames area that provide students with accessible and reasonably priced ISU apparel. One of the stores on Main Street, Random Goods, provides consignment vintage ISU apparel, primarily t-shirts and sweatshirts with the old logos. Prices range from $6 to $15, and it’s a first-come, first-served operation. 

“We have furniture and everything else, but as far as Iowa State stuff, it’s what comes in the door,” said Tim Gleason, Random Goods co-owner.

The Loft, a consignment shop also on Main Street, sells ISU apparel, but tends to carry more updated trends, but within a similar price range of $5 to 15.

“We have shirts, sweatshirts, and most regular clothing apparel and accessories. We order in new ISU items, such as hats, scarves, headbands, kindle cases, accessories and other assorted items,” said Kaitlyn Miller, a Loft employee.

Ames also has a local Wal-Mart and Target which both carry Iowa State appare.

Sun purchased a hoodie sweatshirt from the North Grand Mall in Ames, but also admits that she doesn’t typically buy much apparel. The most Sun is willing to spend on a nice Iowa State sweatshirt is around $30, she said.

“I think that would be reasonable,” said Sun. “Even at Walmart it’s expensive.”

Sun isn’t the only student who likes cheap Iowa State apparel.

“I’m real cheap, so I’d pay $25, maybe $30, if it’s really cute or something, but that’s pushing it,” said Maria Dickson, a senior in culinary science.

Like others, Dickson said she prefers shopping at Wal-Mart for ISU apparel.

“I think I got a shirt there for like $10. The most I’d spend there is $15 or $20 on a shirt,” said Dickson. “I think a lot of the Wal-Mart stuff is Rebok or something; it’s not Nike, but it’s still a t-shirt. How can you go wrong with a t-shirt?”