The dos, don’ts of wearing all white


By Mariah Wellman [email protected]

Wearing an all-white outfit in summer is best because you don’t have to layer clothing items and look like a snowman. 

Mariah Wellman

Wearing a white top or white bottoms can be a daunting task for some, and combining the two may not be something one has considered. But rocking an all-white ensemble can easily be done with a few tips. 

When wearing white, make sure the clothing items are actually white or at least the same shade of off-white. Wearing white jeans with an off-white top can confuse the eye and can make some think your top is dirty. If you want to rock white denim with a close-to-white top, go with a beige or taupe color, maybe even a sand-colored tank. This will let people know you weren’t trying for a white-on-white look and missed the mark. 

If go with an  all-white ensemble, make sure each piece is a different texture than the other, but don’t overdo it. Choose one white top, one white bottom, a pair of white or nude shoes and a statement piece of jewelry. Summer is the best time for a white ensemble because you won’t need to layer clothing, which could lead to you looking like a snowman. 

Ideas for summer white ensembles can be easy to find. The simplest idea is a white dress with white wedges or sandals. The all-white look is easy to put together and looks stylish. 

Another option is to pair a high-waisted skirt with a tank or crop top. Make sure the top is a thicker material than the bottom, so the skirt will have movement and those around you won’t be able to see through the top. Pair this with nude sandals or heels. 

The final idea is to pair white denim — jeans or capris look best with this ensemble — and a white off-the-shoulder tee or long sleeve. This look is perfect for summer night events.