Creative Services Agency: Videographer

Iowa State Daily

Videographer Job Description 

The Iowa State Daily is seeking videographers for Summer 2015 (starting July 1) and the 2015-16 academic year. This position will shoot and produce videos for Iowa State Daily clients and partners, particularly Ames and Des Moines-area businesses and organizations. This position will therefore offer professional experience shooting commercials, marketing pieces, video blogs and news stories. Position will be project for hire and will offer $8 – $10/hour, commensurate with experience.


  • Work with Iowa State Daily staff to plan and organize video shoots.
  • Collaborate with staff to set the creative direction of videos.
  • Organize and execute shoots working within client schedules.
  • Work within the Iowa State Daily schedule for deadlines, meetings, etc.


  • Student at Iowa State University.
  • Self-motivated/ability to work with little supervision.
  • Respond promptly to email.
  • Substantial knowledge of photography/videography techniques and best practices.
  • Own video camera/software or ability to effectively use in-house camera/software (specifically, iMovie and Adobe Premiere Pro).
  • General understanding of marketing and communication methods.
  • Flexibility with daily schedule and ability to travel around campus/Ames.
  • Good conversationalist/can engage well with others.

 Interested candidates should send portfolio and resume to Sarah Lefeber at [email protected]