Add pop to your 4th of July look with nail designs


Photo courtesy of Makeup by Tiffany D

Trying out fun nail designs for the Fourth of July is a popular way to add interest to a festive outfit. Try painting nails red, white and blue while adding a touch of sparkle.

Mackenzi Tjarks

With the Fourth of July approaching fast, it’s important to have your entire outfit planned all the way down to your nails. These three popular Fourth of July designs range from DIY to professionally done at a salon.

The first nail design is a DIY. The only things you’ll need are red nail polish, white nail polish, blue nail polish and a pencil. Paint each nail a different color by alternating red, white and blue. On the blue nails create polka dots by dipping the sharp end of the pencil into red or white polish and adding the dots by poking the pencil on to the nail. Let dry and add a gel top coat for longer lasting nails.

The second type of design is a little more intricate. To create an eye-catching design, switch out the white nail for sparkle and polka dots for stripes to add detail and interest.

If the Fourth of July is your favorite holiday but trying to paint designs isn’t your thing, head to a salon and choose a design you like.

Whether you go to a salon or do it yourself, have fun with it. If you see a design you like, go for it and enjoy this summer holiday.