‘Mad Men’ for modern times

Mariah Wellman

As “Mad Men” reaches its end, many are focused on the fact that it shaped the fashion zeitgeist with the reach similar to “Sex and the City.” Although the show was set in the 1950s to ’60s, the iconic style can be found in many of today’s stores and showrooms. The heroins of the show: Betty, Peggy, Megan and Joan, all had distinct styles that can be modernized for today’s world. 

Betty Draper was the character with the most perfect facade. She would never leave the house without a completed look. Draper went from bright and cheery, full-on ensembles, to cool and clean neutrals as the show progressed. One of her most iconic looks was the yellow sundress. The look can be created today by styling a bright midi skirt with a crop top in the same color family. 

Peggy Olson was the working woman of the times. During the first season, she held tightly to a “Catholic School Girl” look. Spending most of her time around men, Olson rarely showed a bare leg and always dressed as professionally as she could. As the season progressed, her costumes matured into colors of green and brown. It wasn’t until the end of the show when Olson began experimenting with color and began showing off her assets. To get Olson’s look, try mixing patterns like plain and textures like tweed in both dresses and pant suits with wide legs. 

Megan Draper is the showstopper and always pushed the boundaries. Draper was the first character to wear a miniskirt on the show, and that in itself was a big change in America’s fashion history. Draper’s signature style was short, shift dresses and heels, along with statement jewelry. Take inspiration from Draper and sport a shirt dress this summer in a bright color — Draper’s summer go-to was white — and pair it with statement earrings. 

Joan Holloway is the commanding character of the women on “Mad Men.” The costume designers placed Holloway in red, a color that was taboo for red-haired women at the time. Holloway’s typical style was an hourglass silhouette, showing off her shape at all times. Along with red, Holloway dressed in jewel tones year round. Jewel tones are shown in clothing and accessories. To rock jewel tones in the summer, try and find flowing tops in turquoise and emerald, and pair them with bright bottoms. To keep from looking too winter-like, stick to light and airy fabrics.