Beautifully defined calves for the summer

Noelina Rissman

Summer swimsuit season will soon be upon us as the semester comes to a halt. With everyone concentrating on striving for that perfect swimsuit body with the six-pack abs and toned glutes, there are other parts of the body that require just as much attention, if not more. And when toned accordingly, they’re sure to be noticed.

Your calves, which often take a backseat to working on one’s glutes and legs, are used in every part of daily life, and exercises to help strengthen them can be carried out just about anywhere. After all, stronger calf muscles lead to more endurance with walking, bicycling and every other movement done on a routine basis. So try out these moves in sets of two or three next time you’re just standing around waiting.

1. Heel Raises

Begin standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Raise yourself up onto the balls of your feet while contracting your calves until you’re on your tiptoes. When you reach the top, relax your calf muscles as you return to the starting position. For more of a challenge, do this movement on one leg at a time, hooking the opposite foot behind the leg you’re working with. Do this for 10 reps or 10 reps on each leg.

2. Heel Raises on Steps

This is simply the same movement, but on an elevated surface. Each time you lower yourself from your tiptoes, your heels should end up lower than the bottom of the step. Do this for 10 reps or 10 reps on each leg.

3. Side Lunges

Begin standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Turn your upper body to the right, and point your right foot in the direction that your body is turned. Lunge about halfway down to feel the stretch in your calf. Hold the pose for a few seconds, rocking on your leg. Raise yourself back up to the starting position. Do 10 lunges on each side.

Within no time of working on these simple movements every other day, you’ll have beautifully defined calves. Also keep in mind that putting a treadmill on incline, just doing some stairs in general or even jump roping are also good additions in your pursuit of defined calves.