Spring styles, no heat required

Riley Dunbar

After a long winter of overstyling, it may be time to give your hair a break from the harsh heat of hair tools. Cutting out heat doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Some of the best spring hair looks can be created using no heat at all.

Boho Waves

Boho waves lend themselves perfectly to no heat style because the messier the wave, the better. With several different ways to get no heat waves, it is almost impossible to find one that doesn’t achieve the look one wants. Keep in mind, it might take some trial and error to get the waves you want, so plan for a couple of practice rounds or have a back-up style in mind.


This season, anything with braids goes. Big or little, messy or sleek, there are plenty of options to fit your look. Keep it classic with a braid straight down the back, a popular look on the runway. Or try something more fun and intricate to spice up the traditional style. An easy way to add something extra to a basic braid is slightly pulling at random strands of hair in the braid to add more dimension and texture.

Coming undone

Half-ponies, half-up or half-braids. Everything looked like it was coming undone on the runway. This style is perfect for an effortless but chic looking spring look. Try the style in a ponytail half tucked in or an ultra-loose braid. Texturing spray and dry shampoo are the key products that keep the look from coming all the way undone. They give the hair texture and hold.

Getting perfect no heat hair can take time and practice, so don’t get discouraged if the first few attempts fail. Finding the right styles for your hair type and the products that will achieve them are key.