Get comfy with ath-leisure

Brittany Moon

Comfort is something in the minds of all people when considering items for a wardrobe. If something weren’t the least bit comfortable, why would anyone wear it?

For the modern college student, comfort is everything when building a wardrobe. As college students get closer and closer to graduation, the professional world sneaks up on them and it doesn’t accept sweats.

To assist in improving that somewhat sloppy collegiate attire, a few items will greatly improve functionality of pairing items in one’s closet as well as give a modern edge to any outfit.

The first item on the agenda is jogger pants. There is a very fine line with this style of pants to go from sloppy to ultra-chic, so pair them with a structured crop-top or a tight fitted V-neck and blazer for a polished office look. Footwear is crucial with these as well — a classic simple pair of pumps or sleek ankle boots can both be cohesive.

The second piece on the list would be shift dresses. The name is exactly what it seems, a dress that shifts with each movement. These easy breezy dresses can be the “Swiss army knife” of one’s wardrobe when paired correctly with other items. Since shift dresses tend to be quite baggy and ill-fitting, wearing either tights or bare legs is best to balance it out. Footwear can be either a casual ankle boot or even knee-high boots with tights. One other option for spring and summertime is a sleek wedge sandal or flat gladiator sandal.

Jumpsuits are the third piece needed for a comfy polished closet and with the versatility they offer, they are a necessity. With the ability to be paired alongside a wedge, pump or flat casual sandal, it can be both dressed up and down without being the least bit uncomfortable.

The final piece every woman needs for a polished, yet comfortable wardrobe is a chic pair of tennis shoes. This may sound a bit silly from a fashion perspective, but they can literally be paired with anything, depending on the style chosen. A modern classic would be a crisp white pair of Converse with skinny jeans and a flowing blouse or even a casual dress. Another option would be a New Balance-style shoe that has a few pops of color and a mostly-neutral pallet. These can be put together with a white-on-white ensemble or even black skinnies and a sweater.

With these new pieces waiting to be worn and keep one comfortable throughout the day, there’s no reason not to look polished! Check out the links below for where to find items listed.