Music Festival Essentials

Janae Verhelst

With Coachella and numerous other music festivals right around the corner, every attendee must have these select items to survive the weekend.

Sunscreen — This is a must. Getting sunburned on the first day will cause you to be miserable for the rest of the weekend. Get Shiseido Sun Protection Stick sunscreen at a local Sephora and and your skin will be thank you.

Makeup Wipes — With limited access to water supplies throughout the day, you will be thankful you packed these wipes to wash off the makeup that runs down your face.  

Cash — Having to run to an ATM every time you want to buy something is a pain, especially when the service fee is $10. Make sure you have an extra $20 on you at all times.

Sunglasses — Protecting your eyes is essential. Staring at the band you’ve been dreaming of for years is fun, but not when you can barely keep your eyes open. Triple check to make sure you have those trendy and comfortable shades on you at all times. Leave your nice pair at home and stock up on inexpensive pairs from Forever 21. A pair of Croakies is recommended, so you know where your sunglasses are at all times.

Water — That’s self-explanatory. Don’t be the rocker who doesn’t have a water bottle. Staying hydrated is the second most important part. Right behind having fun, of course.