Pop-Up Shop offers new on-campus experience

Brittany Moon

Apparel merchandising and design students come together every year to orchestrate the annual ISU Fashion Show. This year, the fashion show executive team and committee members have added a surprise element sure to have all of campus talking.

This addition is the Pop Up Shop. The shop is set to be on campus April 10, the day before the Fashion Show and the last day of Fashion Week. Throughout the week, different events are hosted each day on campus to celebrate the ISU Fashion Show.

The only detail about the shop that has been announced is the date. All other elements, including location and what will be sold, is being kept secret. The directors and members of the pop-up shop committee have been working tirelessly to create a positive aesthetic experience for all in attendance.

Pop-up shops temporarily take advantage of a season or trend by opening up short-term sales spaces. Members of the pop-up shop committee have said there will be some items given away for free, as well as opportunities to purchase items. Although the location is unknown until that day arrives, students are encouraged to watch the ISU Fashion Show’s social media pages for updates. 

The Fashion Show 2015 will take place at 7 p.m. Saturday at Stephens Auditorium.