Dressing up during Spring Break wherever you go

Ali Hanson

Spring Break is approaching with accelerated speed. Many feel they need a vacation after a winter that has somehow gotten colder every time it has returned. While we all utilize this time to fit in as many activities as possible, we’re most likely going to attend one nice event during the week. Here are some fun ways to dress up during break, no matter where you are.

The tropical breeze: [Mexico, Bahamas or Dominican Republic]

Most likely, your biggest problem is shaking off the white sand from your body. After spending all day snorkeling in the clear waters or reading a romance novel with a virgin piña colada in hand, put on some aloe vera and be ready to glow. Instead of packing the expected silk, floral maxi dress, be unique in a two-piece gingham print set from Missguided. The black-and-white cropped tank and high-waisted skirt mean business and stray away from the girly floral print your younger sister might adorn.

The outdoorsy adventures: [Colorado, Arizona or California]

You’ve decided to rejuvenate yourself by hiking through nature parks or skiing on the slopes in Denver. Either way, you’re going to be getting a lot of physical activity throughout the week and need to reward yourself by getting dressed up for at least one meal. Fashion designers Chanel and Marc Jacobs both debuted very military-inspired looks on the runway for spring and it’s inspiration to finally get a piece if you haven’t already. Wear a deep green ribbed sweater with pendant snaps on the shoulders like one from Topshop, or a beige silk dress with large square pockets from ASOS.

The party places: [Panama City Beach, Fla. or South Padre Island, Texas]

This week might go down as one of the craziest weeks of your life. There will always be a sand game or outdoor mosh pit to join. If you and your friends ever decide to leave the highly-populated beaches for college nightclubs, don’t stray far from your bikini attire, and we don’t mean wear your bikini. Wear a dress or jumpsuit with mesh inserts instead of cut-outs. Pieces from Free People or Boohoo are breathable and appropriate for the nightlife scene you’ll be immersed in.

Stay-cation: [Iowa, Nebraska or Minnesota]

Staying in Ames or returning home for a week with the family is also a popular choice during this week off of classes. On a night when you and your friends catch up over a nice dinner, wear a “business denim” piece. Your options could be an all-denim dress from ASOS over tights with over-the-knee boots or a three-quarter-length scoop-neck denim top from Zara paired with dark wash jeans and brown booties.