Spring Break Style: Beach bag essentials

Miranda Pollitt

When heading to the beach or pool, there are a few things one should always have handy. However, packing a beach bag for a day of sun and sand can sometimes present a challenge. Here are a few things one could include in their beach bag to have a successful Spring Break.

A beach towel is a must if one plans to swim or hang out at the beach. Affordable printed and colorful beach towels can be found at retailers like Target or Walmart.

Another essential to pack in a beach bag is sunscreen. Be sure to include it in the bag, so it can be re-applied throughout the day. Including aloe can help if one burns easily. Sunglasses are also a major staple to pack. Not only are they a great fashion accessory, but they also protect the eyes from harmful sun rays.

Packing a reusable water bottle is very important when one is at the pool or beach. Staying hydrated is key when spending long amounts of time in the sun. Reusable bottles also save money.

Other essentials one can include in a beach bag are entertainment items. Whether one wants to lay out with a new book or the latest issue of a favorite magazine, having reading materials can help one relax on vacation. In addition, one can include headphones to listen to music.

If one’s phone is prone to dying halfway through the day, a portable phone charger could be useful. Portable chargers are available at Best Buy, Target and Walmart.