Be prepared for rainy days


Kelby Wingert/Iowa State Daily

Be prepared for any rainy day by thinking ahead. Pack elastic hair ties, a comb and a jacket in a bag for unexpected showers. Invest in a pair of colorful boots for heavier spring rain storms.

Brittany Moon

Everyone has been there at one time or another. After already leaving the house or apartment for a busy day, halfway through that day it begins to rain. Whether it be a slight drizzle or the start of a torrential downpour, rain can ruin anyone’s day. There are a few ways to combat these unruly conditions before they start. 

One option for women and men with longer hair is to always grab an elastic hair tie on the way out of the house or apartment. Having this as a backup to combat frizzy, untamed hair can be a lifesaver. A similar hair tactic is to have a small brush or comb within arms reach at all times. Keep a small one in your pencil case.

Another concept is to dress in layers or bring layers along with you to class. Throwing a lightweight cotton button-down over a graphic tee or tossing one into a backpack can be the difference between wearing soaked clothes to class or having an extra layer of warmth once inside.

Something that shouldn’t need to be said is to always have a miniature umbrella waiting inside a pocket of the backpack in case rain starts falling. A compact umbrella that folds inside itself is an easy way to always be prepared and can be purchased at a low cost.

Anorak jackets are also working their way back into style. There are a plethora of color options, ranging from neon pink to bright turquoise and all protect very well from rainstorms. These can easily be rolled up and thrown into the bottom of a bag. 

A final item of clothing that is growing in popularity for males and females is rain boots. The varieties here are endless, from ankle booties to knee-highs and in more colors than the rainbow. These items are available in neutrals as well as bright neon and patterns like leopard or polka dots.

With these tips to combat weather and stay fashionable, rain or shine, you will be ready the next time that clouds roll in overhead and rain is in the forecast.