Springtime beauty must-haves

Rachel Geronimo

Spring cleaning is right around the corner, so it’s time to ditch those old winter beauty products.

Having a difficult time finding the hottest must-haves? Here are eight perfect products to have around in the upcoming warm season:


Wrinkles are inevitable but individuals are able to keep them away by investing in a good prevention regimen. It’s never too early to start using eye cream to prevent future aging. This must-have product reduces puffiness and removes the appearance of bags under eyes. Consider investing in a product that is high quality and that can benefit one’s skin complexion.


BB creams are becoming very popular in the makeup industry. They are known to provide many skin benefits while providing coverage and correction in skin color. Before purchasing a BB cream product, make sure to read the labels. Specific BB creams vary in type of benefit, so one must find a product that is suitable for their skin complexion.


In a rush? Can’t find time for a hair cleansing session in the schedule? No fear, dry shampoo is here. Using this product will quickly cleanse your locks without getting them wet. The formula works to absorb excess dirt, buildup, odor and oil while leaving hair fresh and clean.


Less is always more. Find the right shade of blush that is simple and matches your skin tone. Find a product that is more matte than shiny — this will help create that blushing complexion.

Tip: Use an angled blush brush to swipe a light amount of blush across the apples of the cheeks. Use a highlighter on the top of the cheekbones to add more dimension to the face.


Custard, strawberry ice and tangerine are three spring colors to consider for this season. Add a clear or matte top coat of your choice to reduce stress and chipping of the nail polish.


When one thinks of the spring season, the mind would generally assume pastel colors. Invest in a simple lip product that can bring color to the face. Make sure to stay away from dark shades and steer toward colors that are light in color. 

Tip: Before purchasing a lip color, swatch on the forearm. This will help you visually see if the particular lip color is appropriate for your skin tone.


When applying makeup to the face, primer is a base product that can help makeup last longer throughout the day. Primer acts as a glue, which helps the makeup latch onto the face. This choice of product can also brighten up pigmentation and can refine pores.


The spring sun is appearing, which means that the skin will be exposed to high radiation. Think about purchasing a moisturizer that contains SPF. SPF will help protect the face from those harsh UV rays, which can lead to aging, breakouts and damage skin complexion.