Modernizing a classic

Brittany Moon

A lot of people have heard, “Oh, that’s a classic piece,” but what makes it a classic? Classic pieces tend to be those that can be worn with the most versatility throughout ones wardrobe. They also tend to be timeless, which is why they’ve survived for so long.

There are some people, however, that enjoy the concept of a classic pieces but do not wish to be cliché, as some would say. There is a way to overcome this fear of being cliché, by modernizing and updating classic pieces.

Most people don’t want to go unnoticed, so wearing a classic piece that hasn’t been updated at all doesn’t seem quite appealing. There are a few ways to update classic pieces for the modern man or woman.

For women, pearls are seemingly a classic and timeless piece worn throughout history. If a historical piece of jewelry isn’t something that sounds appealing, consider swapping it out for a bold statement necklace that includes pearls and some faux diamonds, or a longer piece with more beading.

The little black dress tends to be a staple piece for any woman. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon, try out an ultra-chic black jumpsuit instead. Opt for one with wide legs to make your body appear longer. Another option is to ditch the color black all together and go for a little white dress that suits your style.

One final piece for women that has stuck around forever is the black flat, normally worn in a ballet cut. These shoes can be upgraded. One option would be to tie in another color or pattern in a two-tone flat. This would draw more attention to the shoe as well as make it more fun to wear with other wardrobe pieces. Another option is to go for one that has cut outs, whether that be in the peep toe or on the side. It is sure to make things more modern.

For men, one piece that has stood the test of time is the neck tie. As a classic, it’s worn in a generally thick manner and tends to match the rest of the outfit. To jazz things up a bit, try out a thinner tie option, but be sure to make the lapels of the suit coat just as thin, so that it isn’t off balance. Another option would be to drop the long tie altogether and grab a bow tie instead. Any of these options can also be amplified with a bright pop of color, instead of having it match the rest of the outfit.

The sport coat has long been worn for dressy events and dates by all sorts. There is a way to appear to be a little more relaxed without losing the dressy aspect of the sport coat. Pairing a crisp button down in any sort of color, along with a sleek leather jacket in brown or black, can instantly make an individual appear casual, without losing the entire aspect of dressing up the outfit. This look with jeans or chinos would be perfect for a date or casual business meeting.

Instead of feeling as though it’s mandatory to wear classic pieces, try opting for a modern twist on a classic for a sleek and chic wardrobe and the compliments will follow.