Pisces style report

Ali Hanson

Pisces Feb. 19 to March 20

Pisces women show their style in hidden ways. They are sometimes guilty of overthinking their outfit choices and then opting for a safer option. However, when they do love a certain style, color or fit, they fall madly in love and divulge themselves in it.

This month’s style tips and tricks help bring out a woman’s minimalist mindset and show her personality through her style.

Your search for an internship resembles a stressful and panicked nightmare. To cope, a Pisces might want to be adventurous and get more piercings, but that might make her chances of landing an internship slim. Buy an ear cuff that goes in like a regular earring but extends up along the edge of the entire ear. These are perfect to show a little edge and can be swapped for grandma’s pearls in a quick wink.

Tired? So tired that talking is a chore? A Pisces should wear her thoughts on her chest … no, not a tattoo. Graphic tees are versatile to wear with boyfriend jeans and a blazer, a midi skirt and booties or ripped skinnies and a baseball hat. 

Did you ever get bored in high school and paint your nails with white out? Maybe not, we all fill our time differently. Regardless, stark white nails create a flash of surprise in the winter gloom. The look is clean, loud and says Pisces care about the little things.

You’ve worn those Target booties out every weekend for the past five months. They’re still your “go-to” Saturday shoe but you’re starting to become tentative. How can you branch out, like a Pisces, when these babies are the comfiest shoes that give you height?

Three options:

– Wear thick socks that end around the mid-calf and scrunch them to create an effortless look. Having them uneven is a trend to try. 

– Wear long socks with ruffles on the end to incorporate a little frill and thrill.

– Wear tights underneath your jeans and roll the hem high enough to let the sheer material sneak out.

Both sock options can be worn with skinny jeans tucked into them or a straight leg jean rolled high enough to see the additions.

For Pisces who still hang on to their childhood dream of becoming a beautiful ballerina, channel your inner Nutcracker and curtsy around in a pair of flats this spring that lace up your calves in a criss-cross pattern. Free People has a pair, “Shay Lace Up Flat,” which are selling out as fast as your best pirouette.