Natural eyebrows are in; learn how to groom them

Anna Chandler

The trend of voluptuous eyebrows began in the 1950s when Audrey Hepburn brought the heavy and untamed look into style. The natural brow continued to thrive through the ’80s but soon lost it’s touch. Now, filling in eyebrows has become easier with makeup and beauty products available almost anywhere.

More recently, model Cara Delevingne has put emphasis on the natural brow look. The thick and bold brow with a slight arch is the perfect method to catch everyone’s attention. Rather than plucking to try to get that precise shape, let the hair grow at its own desire. This dominating trend is simple enough for every woman to achieve.

Cosmetic brands including Anastasia and Benefit Cosmetics have made a name for themselves marketing new pencils, gels and shadows at all price points to obtain the perfect brow shape. The basic necessities to perfect this trend include a double-ended brush to tame and comb the hair along with one’s choice of filler — pencil, gel or shadow — and a highlighter to emphasize the under brow.

A rule of thumb for creating this look is to choose a shade that is closest to one’s natural color. This bold look takes some getting used to and baby steps are a must. Anastasia is a beauty mastermind company that offers products for beginners to professionals. The eyebrow pencil is the ideal product for a newbie to practice with as one gets accustomed to the daring look.

Step into the “Brow Powder Duo” for a darker hue. Apply with a curved brush beginning from the middle of the brow outward. After the outer edge of the brow is filled in, line up the inner edge of the brow with one’s nose to discover where the line should be completed.

For the darkest of hues, one can use the “Dipbrow” product, which is similar to a gel. If this look still seems too costly, try applying eyeshadow with a damp angled brush to get the same effect. The thing to remember is practice makes perfect.

Stray away from the tweezers and give brows a chance to grow into the fashionable look that has become a worldwide sensation. Well-groomed eyebrows will frame the face and accentuate your natural features.